Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Meghan and Mike

Elisabeth Outdoor Session

Well it rained the first session, but I think it was for the best. What a gorgeous day! A perfect fall backdrop for this beautiful stylish young woman. Hope you love them Elisabeth!

The Thompson's

I can't help but think of the Terror Lake episode of The Simpson's when I type their name. What a cool family, we had so much fun this beautiful fall morning.

Happy Baby!

A much happier Baby Jay! Full of smiles, what a cutie.

New Website

So alot of you have been asking about the new site. It is in the works and I am planning on it going live December 22nd, if all goes as planned. There will be alot of new cool stuff, and of course all the new photography! If you would like to be on the 'gone live' email list, just send me an email with 'gone live' in the subeject line and i'll add you to the list.

Enjoy the beautiful fall, she's fading fast.